What makes Unisurge different?

Established in 1988, Unisurge is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of practitioner-specified procedure packs, dressing packs, medical disposable and theatre products to health care professionals.  Our range of bespoke single use products is both cost effective and patient specific.  Surgical teams can be confident that all the necessary components for a procedure will be supplied, to their specification, in a sterile pack, ready for immediate use.

Our promise to you:

Experienced sales team ready to take your order and advise you on delivery times and other Unisurge products – we aim to surpass all the standards of your current service. Innovative products constantly being introduced to increase your purchasing efficiency. A comprehensive range of products always kept in stock ready for fast-track delivery to your door. Regular deliveries throughout the UK.

All at the most cost effective prices.


Working across your hospital



Our commitment to you ...

From our Newmarket headquarters, the development team keeps abreast of the latest advances in surgical practice and takes full account of the consistent rise in patient expectations.

Unisurge offers a comprehensive range of sterile drapes, gowns and supplementary operating theatre products.  These include individual drapes, drape packs, incise drapes, camera covers, basin liners and diathermy products. The UniForm draping range offers both specific
draping packs as well as individual drapes that provide optimum draping solutions for all surgical procedures at a cost effective price.

The contents of each of our packs have been practitioner specified to meet the requirements of all modern surgical procedures.

In addition Unisurge is able to offer customised procedure packs containing all of the disposable consumables used to carry out a surgical procedure, including drapes and gowns. Our sterile draping packs have been designed to help reduce surgical site infections and fluid contamination whilst offering an efficient means of draping the patient.

Linked to a significant investment in state of the art Information Technology, we provide a proven and trusted distribution network.  Using our own fleet of vehicles Unisurge is able to ensure that sterile packs arrive at their destination on time and in optimum condition.




Obtaining supplies for the theatre case


Time saving

  • Reduce setup times
  • Studies show reduction of up to 50%¹
  • Reduction in waste and packaging
  • Scope for increasing revenue stream by adding theatre lists or procedures

¹EAHM Conference


Proposed product flow