Polyware and Bowl Packs

Polyware and Bowl Packs

At Unisurge we appreciate the requirement to have a comprehensive range of single-use polypropylene gallipots, bowls, kidney dishes, jugs, sieves, quivers and medicine measures. In addition we offer a tailored service for bowl sets.

Features and Benefits

  • Medical grade polypropylene
  • Easy to read graduations
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Comprehensive range
  • Bio-degradable
  • Easy to handle and fully stable

Polyware and Bowl Packs Range

Polyware Polyware and Bowl Packs


We offer a comprehensive range of polyware including gallipots, bowls, jugs, kidney dishes, quivers, medicine measures and sieves.

Bowl Packs Polyware and Bowl Packs

Bowl Packs

As well as our standard range of bowl packs we are also able to offer customised packs.