Surgical Instrument Packs

Surgical Instrument Packs

We offer a comprehensive range of surgical instrument packs, each contains the necessary components to ensure that the practitioner has confidence the theatre quality instruments will exceed all expectations.

If you are looking for individual instruments then please see our Surgical Instruments page.


Surgical Instrument Packs Range

Minor Op Surgical Instrument Packs

Minor Op

Our packs include Basic Minor Surgery, Biopsy and Suturing Packs.

Emergency Packs Surgical Instrument Packs

Emergency Packs

A range of packs which can be used in emergency situations such as chest aspiration and suturing.

Women’s Health Surgical Instrument Packs

Women’s Health

This range comprises of Delivery, Episiotomy, IUCD and Examination Packs.

Podiatry Surgical Instrument Packs


This range offers the basic nail cutting sets to the more complex types of procedures including Zadeks.

Dental Surgical Instrument Packs


This range offers the basic dental examination to the more complex filling packs.

Outpatients Surgical Instrument Packs


This range covers a broad area of outpatients procedure packs including ENT, Ophthalmic and more specialist areas.

The full list of our products is being updated and will be coming soon. At present, for more information please contact us on 08455 21 31 11